The Author

auWinfried F. Schmitz, born in 1954, is a corporate lawyer practicing in New York with an emphasis on cross-border corporate and financial transactions. Besides law (Ph.D. of the University of Bonn, Germany, and M.C.J. of NYU School of Law, New York City), he studied the science of politics. The author traveled the Middle East since age 17 extensively. He is active in international lawyers’ associations, among others, with the aim to promote human rights and to build bridges of understanding among different cultures and jurisdictions.

Schmitz organized, supported or sponsored seminars, conferences and publications in or in relation to the Middle East and its legal developments. Since 2004, he is contributing for the improvements of civil structures in Afghanistan. In 2009, a school for 400 hundred children was opened in a rural area in the Afghan province of Khost financed by the author. He founded his own small charity (FONDATIONE SCHMITZ) in 2006. The foundation continues to be primarily active in Afghanistan supporting nation building in the areas of education and health.

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